🠈  About Iron Color  🠊

Iron Color offers an open directory and calendar for Iron County in Southern Utah. The site is part of the Community Color project which seeks to promote local web development and community awareness in the Mountain West.

The original design of the project focused on select towns in the Mountain West. I developed the domain Cedar City Utah dot US for the largest town in the county: Cedar City.

I love Cedar City, but I decided that county by county directories for Utah would be more inclusive. The county seat of Iron County is Parowan. So I opened up this site in February 2017.


In my original design I funded the site with affiliate ads from national advertisers. I make about 30¢ for every thousand page views.

Since the goal of the project is to promote the local community I decided to transition away for national advertisers and offer local ads directly for the price of $25.00 for 100,000 page views. This is a lower EPC than I get for the national ads, but I charge the fee up front.

The ad is a 728x90 placement in the upper fold of the page. I am only interested in local ads. If you have a Utah based web site you can order an ad here.

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